About SDCI

SDCI is fairly unique when it comes to culinary schools. We've only been around for 12 years, which is fairly young. We are family owned and have only one campus location.

But since we are relatively small and have no corporate board making decisions for us, we have been able to develop programs that have set our campus apart when compared to the results of other culinary schools. We have created a unique culture that every new student becomes a part of once they step foot on our campus.

In August of 2000, my dad, Harold Meyberg, and my mom, Lili, founded the San Diego Culinary Institute with a handful of students and one very important idea: to build a better culinary school.

They wanted to build a school that taught technique, not recipes; that required each Chef Instructor to possess no less than 5 years as an Executive Chef in a fine-dining environment—an astonishing minimum requirement for any culinary school. Finally, they insisted that their program offer extensive hands-on training, with limited class sizes, in well-equipped kitchen classrooms.

They began with just a handful of students and a firm commitment to this straightforward set of ideals.

Since they founded the school, we have doubled our classroom space and expanded our program to teach the Commis program to our students. My dad isn't here to see what his school has become, but we carry on in his name and with an unwavering dedication to our initial ideals.



We at San Diego Culinary Institute have made it our mission to prepare future Chefs with the skills and knowledge they need to:

  • Begin their careers in the leading restaurants in San Diego, the United States, and the world.
  • Become Head Chefs in the next generation of top restaurants, and ultimately,
  • Take their place among those Chefs who shape the future trends in the culinary arts.

To that end, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional conduct and dedicate ourselves to continuously invest in our own personal growth and the growth of our professional skills.

Meet Our Team

Harold Meyberg, Founder

David Badagliacca, President

Larry Lewis, Program Director

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